In 2021, ROPES will continue to grow and nurture its emerging-leader network, convening the first two cohorts next spring in Paris and again (with a third cohort) next fall in the UAE. But we will also work with teams of network members to incubate bold, long-term projects.

Climate Change

The fight against climate change offers a perfect opportunity to unite Arab and Israeli millennials around a common purpose. One project team imagines a regional carbon-trading system whereby Arab and Israeli individuals and companies purchase carbon offsets based on emissions-mitigation projects across the region, starting with solar-panel installation on Saudi mosques.


Having regional influencers visit the Holy Land is a great first step for getting them involved. As such, one project team has designed a one-week trip to Israel and the West Bank that aims to inculcate a love of both cultures, an understanding of both perspectives, and a desire to help bridge the divide. A spring pilot trip will bring 18 influencers from the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco.


The media has inflamed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by polarizing discourse and reinforcing stereotypes. One project team seeks to reclaim media as a tool for peace by launching the first Arab-Israeli media outlet--published jointly in English, Arabic, and Hebrew. This effort has begun with the recruitment of dozens of top journalists from Israel and across the Arab world.


Fundamental to ROPES's vision of a new Middle East is a regional mechanism--modeled after the E.U.'s Erasmus Program--that allows Arab and Israeli students to spend a semester or year at each other's universities. One project team seeks to lay these foundations through a one-week pilot program in Jordan for students from Israel, the West Bank, and several Arab states.

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