November 6-8, 2019

Paris, France

The pilot program of the Regional Organization for Peace, Economics & Security (ROPES) sought to test the assumption at the heart of our novel approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—that we can assemble a socially cohesive tribe of forward-thinking Millennial leaders from across the Middle East, united by a 2030 vision of an integrated post-conflict region. Following months of recruitment and vetting, ROPES brought 13 Arab and Israeli visionaries (ages 27-41) to Paris for three days of learning, bonding, and intellectual collaboration. In contrast to most people-to-people programs, which include only Israeli Jews and Palestinians, nearly half of the delegates hailed from two other constituencies that ROPES is cultivating to expand the peace map: citizens of regional Arab states and Palestinian citizens of Israel. Delegates included a new member of the Emirati parliament, the co-founder of Israel’s leading hostel chain, the Dubai-based head of a $100 million venture-capital fund, one of East Jerusalem’s top social activists, the CEO of a West-Jerusalem soccer club, and a Saudi businesswoman who has climbed Mount Everest.


Dahlia Scheindlin - Internationally renowned Israeli pollster

Ashraf Al Ajrami - Former Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoner Affairs

Jean-David Levitte - Former French Ambassador to the United Nations

Bader Rock - Senior Researcher, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Koby Huberman - Director, the Israeli Regional Initiative

Shira Kronich - Associate Director, Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

John Lyndon - Executive Director, the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP)

Above: opening night dinner at UNESCO headquarters with Director-General Audrey Azoulay